Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Peruvian Food

Given that I didn't spend my younger days eating out, I allow myself a little slack when I start thinking incoherent things like, "What do they eat in Peru?"

I don't know why I say that's an "incoherent" thought... just something not well thought-out, because I use "they" like people in Peru are creatures from another planet or something.

Bottom line is... I wanted to try Peruvian food, and I kept passing by a Peruvian restaurant in Old Town Pasadena (Choza Mama).  Finally, after some "almost" occassions, we went in:

Love their cool menu!  However, there weren't too many veggie options, though enough for me.

Here's the comped bread and dipping sauces.  All were mild and not too thick.  I liked the one on the left the most.  The green one, which I thought might taste like some kind of cucumber yummy dip, fell a little flat.

"The Ukrainian" ordered Inca cola, which kind of tasted like liquid cotton candy to me.

We started off with this salad... (Peruvian salad)... the freshness was great!\

I ordered this vegertarian saltado, which I found to be really salty for some reason.  Even though I had a long run the next day (yes, I'm way behind on posts because I am not doing any real "long" runs at the moment), I maybe had half of this, tops.

Here's the same dish, but meaty.

The decor was my favorite part of the whole experience!

I wish I had more positive things to say about this place, but while I wouldn't say it was not good, I wouldn't be jumping to go back.  If I do, I would probably stick to smaller fare/appetizers/salad.  I think this is one of those places that non-meat eaters would probably enjoy much more than I did.  (My meat-eating man, however, wasn't blown away, either.)


  1. so the dinner doesn't look that awesome but the salad and bread + dips looks right up my alley. :) yum!

  2. I'm half Peruvian, and yeah, I don't think Peruvian food is exactly known for its vegetarian options. However the seafood is to die for. I looove ceviche!