Thursday, June 16, 2011

Central Park Cafe

For my birthday, my sisters took me to brunch at a cute little place in Pasadena, CA called Central Park Cafe.  This was brilliant, since breakfast/brunch is my favorite meal, and I'm a morning person!!

My sister has already reviewed the place on her blog, but here was my take.

This is a picture of the salmon benedict that my sister got.  We all asked for our creams and sauces "on the side," because we're just a sad lactose-intolerant family.  By the time the waiter got to the "normal" guys at the table who wanted their sauce as normal, he gave us the cocked eyebrow.

The little sister's waffle... the whipped cream was, you guessed it, on the side...

My older sister's French toast looked HUGE and delicious, but when I tried a corner, I found it to be bland and dry.  Unfortunately, this French toast actually made me crave it for WEEKS until I finally had some ones from Denny's and in Vegas a few weeks later....

My brother-in-law's ham, egg, and hash browns.

This was my order: it is also a benedict, but it was on croissant bread.  I wasn't blown away by any part of this, though I appreciated that I got to have some veggies.  Even the egg wasn't poached as awesomely as the one I had in another benedict I've had.

Mediocre food aside (was that too harsh?), I really liked being out with my sisters in the earlier hours when I have more of an appetite. Thanks, sisters!

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