Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Cafe Bizou

On a random Friday afternoon, I was finally able to get together with my best friends for lunch.  We decided to go to the place that we couldn't get into last time, Cafe Bizou, in Old Town Pasadena, CA.  It happened to be a DineLA week again, so we scored a 2-course deal!

As usual, one of my friends was late, so it was just us girls sipping on water at the table for a while.  The waiter seemed to be charmed by us and gave us this free appetizer, stuffed mushrooms in balsalmic.  I just ate a mushroom cap to avoid the meat, and I must say it was a rather tasty little opener.

I got this seared tuna salad, which contained that lovely tuna you see below, eggs, potatoes, tomatoes, and greens.  I didn't finish this, but I definitely made sure to eat all the fish.  I distinctly remember thinking, "Raw fish... I was missing out!"

My friend's lobster pasta dish.  They got the same dish, so this is the only picture I took.

However, we got different desserts.  I don't remember who ordered what, but this was the tiramisu.  It was average.

I believe I ordered this sorbet combo... it was good, but sort of melty, so it didn't get finished.

Chocolate cake.  This had a nice flavor and texture.  As I write this, I've been not eating any cakes, cookies, or real baked goods of any kind lately, so this definitely makes me drool.


  1. Hmm... I'm still not sure what I think of raw fish. I've been tempted by tuna salads like this one, but I never order them because I know I'd want to ask for the fish to be cooked, and then they'd laugh at me.

  2. The tuna salad looks ridiculously good, but I think I would be all over that lobster pasta!

  3. That lobster pasta makes me drool. I would love to have the sald too but I am with Abby, no raw tuna for me:D