Monday, June 20, 2011

Book Review: The Super Health Diet

I've been on a book-reading roll lately!

Even before I officially filed my dissertation (May 24), I was already starting to read "fun" books.  Pretty much since my defense (April 27), I basically caved into reading like I would normally cave into a muffin.

The Happy Runner sent me this book as part of a giveaway that I happened to win (yay!).  I figured it would make good casual bathroom reading material.

So here's my review...

Basically, I don't really read diet books anymore.  They are great for people who know little about nutrition, but these days, the Internet provides a plethora of information on specific questions one may have about staying healthy.  Additionally, the tagline "The last diet you will ever need" was gimmicky to the max.

The (long) book mentions many studies, studies that provide evidence that you should (not really in any order):

1) Keep caloric intake "restricted" (not to an extreme level): I can agree with this...

2) Drink water: I also agree with this, though if I listened to him, I'd be buying expensive water all the time!

3) Exercise: Check, though the kind he describes doesn't really excite me

4) Manage stress: Easier said than done, obviously!

5) Prioritize nutrients versus empty calories, especially Antioxidants: Sure, though he talks about MANY supplements in this book, which is obviously a marketing campaign.

6) Pray and meditate: Whatever floats ones boat is fine.

7) Sleep: I couldn't agree more!  A lack of sleep can lead to poor decision-making in general!

So unless you're deeply intrigued by numerous studies or want to read a tome of tips you probably already know, have a deep sense of the body/spiritual connection, or want to try some supplementation strategies, I think you could probably learn just as much about health measures online.  I mainly blew through this book because I had a strong urge to read.

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