Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random Photo Entry 28: Illustrative

I'm off to UCLA today to help with a guest lecture on my field.  I did this last year, but I have a feeling the vibe will be different this time around. :)

Not to mention, I haven't quite finished my opening speech for a forum we're holding on Saturday, aka MY LAST DAY OF CLASS IN GRAD SCHOOL.

Compounded with the stress of everything lately, finishing up my paper, falling behind in marathon training, and the weekend... I feel happy that I'm still relatively young so that I can physically handle it all.

Not to mention, I feel like I am taking this all in stride.


I mentioned in a previous post -- when I was redecorating this blog -- that I have some sort of history of drawing.  I'm not any good, at least compared to pretty much all my sisters, but I think I win in simplicity:

After hearing a lot about this Love Crunch sold at Whole Foods, I randomly picked some up on Valentine's Day.  Given that I was sick, this was considered a big effort. :$

Even more elaborate (or embarrassing... not sure which) are these fake cereal boxes that I made for the first anniversary of "The Ukrainian" and I.  I basically took one of those multi-packs of mini cereals, traced the cardboard box pattern, and assembled by own boxes out of paper.  Since we're close to our three-year anniversary now, the cereal is long gone -- though these boxes remain (and now memorialized in photos).

At some point, when I have more time, I'd like to draw more of my silly illustrations for the blog.  Yes, I drew the thing on my banner.  The original illustration is linked HERE.


  1. Those are really cute. I have no artistic talent. At all. Unless stick figures count.

  2. I love this, so would Mr. Dad. im stealing the idea!