Monday, May 16, 2011

No More Mall Sushi for Me

Have you ever eaten something that has made you feel kinda... off?

Like my drawing?  Well, here's another one that I drew a few hours before going out to dinner (while on a conference call at work).  It's strangely reminiscent of my LA Marathon 2011 experience...

Anyway, it was a Friday date night, and apparently, that meant sushi time.  So, we headed to Tokyo Table in Arcadia, CA for dinner before we saw a movie.  This restaurant is part of the Arcadia mall and is usually quite frequently crowded.

Things started off good enough -- this garlicky edamame dish was addicting!

On the other hand, this sushi was somewhat off.  I sampled the raw salmon on top and found it to be crumbly and weak in any sort of flavor.  One of the things that kind of went ballistic for after deciding to eat fish again was raw fish (sashimi), and this one was not good.

Here is the udon bowl that I ordered.  The soup was extremely bland, and the vegetables tasted strange and unflavorful.

The highlight was actually this sushi pizza, which had a "crust" of nori.  I picked around so I didn't eat the crab bits, and I found this concept to be extremely interesting.  But beyond that, I was so disappointed that a place so popular had that poor level of food...


  1. Sushi pizza? Sounds interesting! A home version is required! Sushi has been so hit or miss with me lately, Im leaving it alone for now. Edemame is amazing, and that dish looked super tasty!

  2. Ugh... That's what scares me about "real" sushi. Even though I've started eating a little bit of meat, I'm not sure the raw fish...

  3. Dont do sushi. I'm really not much of a fish person. I hope you are feeeling better now.