Tuesday, May 24, 2011

No More Egg Whites

In an attempt to eat more protein, I started microwaving egg whites (like the one pictured) at lunch in a mug and mixing in things like salsa, mustard, salt, pepper, and avocado.  This was delicious, filling, and nutritious... not to mention pretty cheap.  "The Ukrainian" and I are going to try to eat more protein post-marathon, so since I still eat eggs without much abandon, egg whites seemed like a good idea.

Unfortunately, the other day, after enjoying such a lunch, my co-workers around me started saying something about a rotten egg or sewer smell.  They didn't know it was from me, and I had gone to wash the mug out already, leaving no evidence.  However, they made a huge deal out of it and told the front desk guard to come check it out.  He came over and asked me if I smelled something bad, to which I said no. 

NOTE: Usually, when people don't smell something obviously bad, they must be the cause. 

Fortunately, some people remarked about the smell, while some didn't notice much.  I debated just coming forward, but it was too late.  Eventually, the smell dissipated, so the checking stopped.  Luckily, I'm friends with the front desk guard, so I know he likes walking around, anyway.  But still, that was *super* embarrassing.

So I guess I shouldn't be eating that kind of lunch at my desk anymore... or is there some other way?


  1. Egg salad or boil eggs at home? Or if you're just looking for protein, greek yogurt has more protein than eggs, and its fun to mix fruit and granola into.

  2. haha! My friend and I were JUST talking about how annoying it is that some foods (like eggs, broccoli, brussels sprouts) smell so bad that it makes you not be able to take them into work.

    I have really been trying to make myself like eggs, but I absolutely hate them. I may give the egg whites a try...maybe they'll taste less "eggy"

  3. Just cook the egg whites in a pan at home the night before and then reheat at work. I've done this before and it works great. If you are worried about overcooking, just under cook it a bit so that when you microwave it the next day it will not be over done. You should invest in a glass tupperware container.

  4. OH NO! My husband accuses me of the same thing every time I make egg whites in the microwave but if I do them over the stove than it doesn't smell as bad. We have to open the windows to get the smell out

  5. Ditto on what Madison said. Eggs reheat pretty well. I've even made little egg cup things in a muffin tin and baked them, then froze them, then microwaved later. Perfect portion and for some reason, not stinky!