Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jelly Muffins

"Jelly" and "muffin" are two words that people use to put themselves down, but when they come together, they create a delicious vegan delight.

Muffins and I have a long, long relationship, one that I am surprised I have not blogged about before.  If I could choose between doughnuts, danishes, ice cream, or muffins, I'd be all over the muffins.  The tops of muffins are their main allure, so crusty... mmmmmmm.

Anyway, I particularly like these jelly muffins because they were SO easy to make!

This recipe is from HERE.

I did not end up using the molasses in this picture.  I had no brown sugar and orignally was going to add some molasses to plain sugar as a substitute, but then I just ground up some turbinado sugar instead.

I also ended up grinding the flax seeds I had to create the "flax egg" for this recipe.  It worked out well.

Half the batter goes into the muffin pan before putting 1 tsp of jelly in the centers... (I used black currant).

So on the outside, no signs of jelly can be seen.

I had this for dinner one night.  Sure, there was no gnarly crispy crust on top, but the subtle sweetness of the muffin and slightly tart jelly was a perfect balance.  While I've done a lot of muffin-baking, I'd have to say these are one of my favorites -- so easy and tasty.  Even the little sister (who definitely lets me know when my baking sucks) approved.  You'd better bet I will be making these again... maybe with peanut butter. ;)


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  2. These are just pure evil. Make me a dozen please!

  3. Those muffins look so darn good. I am with you on muffins over danish or donuts. I got to make these

  4. Those look great. It gives me a few ideas to try with my boys. Thanks.