Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hair Today...

This entry is a homage to my sister Tea Time (Madison)'s post about cutting her hair.  I had completely forgotten that I had also taken before/after shots of my haircut back in March, but now that I'm bored and apparently have too much time on my hands waiting to do an online check-in for my flight tomorrow, here is my (less glam) version.

Why was my hair wet in the left shot?  I think I had just come from the gym, and although I tried to dry up beforehand, it didn't go that well.

I asked for a 4" cut because my hair is copious and thick/heavy, and lo and behold, I actually thought the end-result was too short.  Long enough to tie (thank goodness, as those of you who run can sympathize with!), but too short for my big round head.

Thankfully, it has been growing out to a nice length and should be perfect come graduation day (in 2.5 weeks).

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  1. seriously, how did you get two pictures that were so similar! That is scary. :) (love the shorter hair - I'm a fan)