Friday, May 20, 2011

Fargo 5K Family Fun Run

EVENT: Fargo 5K ("Go Far" Challenge)
DATE: Friday May 20, 2011
FINISH TIME: 28:50 (Garmin)

The Fargo "Go Far" Challenge consists of running a marathon and a 5K the day before.  So on Friday evening, we set out on a warm-up, of sorts.

Rewinding to the morning, we picked up our packets at the Fargodome...

Here's us standing in front of the marathon finish line -- actually INSIDE the Fargodome, so cool!  I got lots of questions about my San Francisco Half-Marathon shirt... he he for being an out-of-towner!

Can you find my name on this wall anywhere???  (Hint: I did a shameless blog self-promo.)

The expo was kind of small but bigger than I expected.  I'd have to say that although there wasn't a huge amount of loot, the marathon shirt (blue, long-sleeved) couldn't be beat.  And I picked up so many supplement samples that I'm sure I will have a lot of material to review soon!

At around 6:00 PM, we waited in front of the Fargodome.  It was a bit windy and lightly raining, but this actually stopped as the race started.  Thank goodness!

I'll add "official" pictures (from on-site photographers) later if we get any, but since I ran with my camera, we got a finishing shot, too.  My black hoodie turned out to be too much... I got WAY warm (and bloated because I don't do afternoon/evening runs too well)!

We ran the entire race holding hands!  This was a challenge but at the same time kept us from pushing too hard.  The first part of the race was SO crowded!  Our splits were approximately 10:00, 9:02, and 8:47.

I love that we got medals for running 5k, even though those were some of the longest few miles of my life.  I'm sure I'll be saying the same thing tomorrow...  Stay tuned.

The guy in front of us looks disgusted...

The "Start" was also the "Finish."

I don't like this pic, but it does make me look feminine for some reason.  And check out the two phones I have rattling in my front pockets...

One is happy, one is dying (stupid humidity!).


  1. How cool that you heald hands?! Im sure Fargo will treat you well! The weather should be fantastic and too early for all the mosquitoes? Here's hoping! Good luck.

  2. You ran 3 miles holding hands? That's pretty talented. You are right, that IS a good way to not push too hard, but I'm sure that worked better for "U" then I made a funny.

  3. I do enjoy seeing your pictures, specially when you both hold hands at the end. Sweet! :D
    I also join fun run events and I really like it.

  4. I ran this same race the year before (2010) and did the 10K the next day! I thought it was a fun challenge!

    Incredible that you followed it up with a full marathon!