Thursday, May 5, 2011

Disappointing Saag-a

Some of my favorite Indian dishes are ones that contain spinach.  You know... when the spinach is cooked down, smooth, and ready for bread!

But those dishes usually contain paneer, a type of cheese, which is not great for my lactose intolerance.

So I found this recipe online for Spinach Saag.

Look, more processing!!  I was a wuss and waited a bit for it to cool before dumping it in.

Served with hummus and pita.  Yes, I know I just mixed ethnic cuisines, but they seemed to work together well enough.  Although I did learn... do not microwave pita bread.  It gets hard as a rock. :(

Don't get me wrong -- I love Happy Herbivore recipes, but this one was not nearly what I was expecting.  The flavor fell flat, and I definitely missed the cream or cheese or whatever they put in these types of dishes.  I will give this credit for using up a lot of wilting spinach that was in the fridge.  Sometimes, I just get tired of eating spanish salad all the time...


  1. Maybe you could add silken tofu or white beans to create the creamy texture that is lacking. I am lactose intolerant, as well, and I do sometimes miss the creaminess that dairy adds to food.

  2. If you microwave pita for like 10 seconds, it's perfect. But you have to eat it right away while it's still warm and soft. Otherwise, yes, rock hard.

  3. You have a lactose intolerance!? How do you live???

  4. I love spinach saag but haven't yet tried cooking it at home. Sorry this recipe wasn't the best. I think eating it with hummus and pita bread sounds like a great idea!