Thursday, May 12, 2011

Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova is a chain of Brazilian restaurants that is pretty popular in Southern California. I normally think of meat when thinking of Brazilian restaurants, but this place actually has a diverse selection.

One night, I was taken to the West Hollywood branch.

Above: Eating in a canopy on a rainy day.

Above: Yucca root chips. These are very starchy and filling!

Above: Complimentary bread... kind of dry/bland with a few spices on top.

Above: A cross-section of yucca root.

Above: My grilled veggie sandwich. It had goat cheese rubbed on the bread, but overall, I am not a fan of grilled veggies, so this was merely OK. The bread had a sweet coating/"crustularity" (a word I made up!) on the top, which was weird.

Above: Egg/olive/salami(?) pizza. I didn't find anything extraordinary about this pizza (at least from the crust/sauce part that I tried).

I think that this restaurant redefines and makes fusions of Brazilian food for the masses. It's certainly worth a try for all the interesting flavors.


  1. wow this looks like an interesting and yummy meal!

  2. When I think of Brazilian, I think of churrascos - Brazilian BBQs. Looks interesting!