Friday, May 13, 2011

Bored Lover (of Running)

While doing an 8-miler this morning as my last "long" run before Fargo Marathon next week, I was having one of the most unenthusiastic runs ever.

That unenthusiasm seems to be a trend lately.

Obviously, one is expected not to run as much during the last few weeks before a marathon, but I took this to a whole new level.  My mileage for the week stands at a grand 11, and even though I've been working out every day, running is sooo unappetizing to me right now for some reason.

Every taper, I seemingly can't wait to "quit running" for a while, though I never end up really "quitting" and just take a week off from it before building mileage again.  In fact, with a half-marathon on June 12, I won't be getting much of a break.

I'll be fully honest now.  Lately, I've been skipping out reading blogs that talk too much about running or racing, even though that was how my own blog started.  I have been finding them uninteresting and a bit obsessive.  How could one blog about running over and over again (uhh, me -- Ms. Case of the RUNs, for one)?  I've left my Garmin and music behind on runs, just making them a simple matter of "getting out there" but still... nothing.

How could I be so aloof from something that I spend so much time thinking about/doing?  I know I am going through a personal transition period, but this really started before then.  Perhaps it was because I was "too busy" thinking about other things?  However, this is not really an excuse anymore.  I often feel forced to talk about running because it's the only connection I have with some people, or people keep asking me about it because I have that kind of reputation.

In addition, for some dumb reason, I caught a cold this week, which will make it illness #2 since February, a huge anomaly for me.  If my motivation to run were any lower, I might as well not have a pulse.

So my goal for Fargo is just to have fun and hope that these races (the 5k and marathon) will rekindle my spirit a little.  I don't want to quit running for any real length of time, because I'm deathly afraid of starting out from scratch when it strikes my fancy again.  So, I have to either suddenly fall deeply in love with it or drudge through my workouts.

Anyone care to weigh in?

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  1. There are a lot of other activities out there besides running. I always told myself that if I ever stopped running for any reason, be it because of injury or lack of interest, that I would definitely want to spend more time biking or practicing yoga. Sometimes I wish I had more time and energy to do all those things but my first love will always be running so I devote a lot of time to it and do the other things on my rest days. If you are not loving running at the moment, just do something else or go and try something new. Doing something you are not enjoying keeps you away from finding something new that you may like even more.

  2. It definitely sounds like you need a week off. This happens to me too, I think because I don't take off! I feel like my boobs are even smaller than pre-preg! I don't know!

  3. I've actually shied away from a few blogs I used to regularly read because it's too much running talk. For me, that's partially because I'm not runnign now and it sucks "sitting the bench" and being an enthusiastic supporter while others are doing awesome runnign stuff, so instead of being a Negative Nancy, I just haven't been reading them as much.

    But also, for me, much has changed in the past two years, and my life is not nearly so running-centric. I still love running, and can't wait to return to it, but it's not the center of my life/identity.

  4. I learn something new each year. It is ok to use running as recreation! But learning is how we become better people. So go challenge yourself!

  5. When you figure out the cure, send some over my way. In all honesty, I've been feeling this way about road running for the last year plus. That's why you'll see increasing posts on my blog about trails. At least in the hills I need to watch out for snakes and other wildlife.

  6. Learning everyday is an amazing thing especially incorporating and with the help of running :-) Showering you positive vibes! :)

    Lets do this!

  7. This happens to almost all of us (and the people it doesn't happen to are super-human and I can't relate!) Maybe take 2-3 weeks completely off of running after the June 1/2. You won't lose any/much fitness over a few weeks. Then re-assess. Hopefully you'll be chomping at the bit to run! Best of luck at Fargo!

  8. Good luck at Fargo, you'll do great.
    And hey reward yourself with a week break when you finish. :)

  9. I so agree with every thing the others are saying. I honestly have lost running partners because I go threw this very thing. I dont know why it just happens every year. It sucks. Lately for me I have to find something to challenge me.. That seems to get me motivated more. Right now I'm in the process of tranistioning to miminalist shoe. It is very fustrating and challenging . I cant wait to run my first 20k in my vff's. It gets hard every year to find something that makes running exciting. I think I also would love to run trails and enjoy all the sceneries. Hang in there. We are all with you.