Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bamboodles No More: So This is How a Real Noodle Tastes

It is extremely rare that I get to eat fresh noodles.

Once about two years ago, "The Ukrainian" and I tried making our own whole-wheat pasta.  While it didn't turn out bad, there is a reason we haven't tried again.

The dried ones are just... better... and EASIER.

The only other times I can recall fresh noodles is the ramen place my sisters took me for my 21st birthday (might do a review at some point) and this one.

This place used to be called Bamboodles but recently had a management change and is now called Yu Pin.

The ambience was open, clean, and nice.  Not too crowded on a Sunday night!

I was attracted by the idea of fresh Spinach noodles, so I got this cold version that you're supposed to dip in a thin soy sauce.  I didn't get it hot in a broth because I wasn't sure where the broth came from, and the server seemed to have little concept of "no meat."

"The Ukrainian" ordered plain noodles in broth with a fried chicken cutlet of some sort.  It was lightly breaded with five-spice powder.  If you've ever had Taiwanese popcorn chicken, that's what he said this tasted like.  I did end up trying some of the broth.  It was simple and light.

Eating fresh noodles is heavenly -- there IS something different about it.  The noodles are tender, yet chewy.

"The Ukrainian" also got pork dumplings to go with his order.

And I went for these green onion pancakes.  They were a bit greasier than I had hoped, but they did taste mighty good dipped in Sriracha!

At some point, I'd like to give the whole noodle-making thing another try.  In the meantime, this place really upped the ante for me when it comes to good noodle standards...

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