Wednesday, April 27, 2011

They Called Me Doctor

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen the announcement come out that I passed my final dissertation defense this afternoon.

I am meeting my chair tonight to start tackling the (kinda overwhelming) revisions, but thankfully, they are letting me get my hood on June 5th, in front of my friends and family.  Yes, there will probably be a little star next to my name saying that I still need to file the actual manuscript to be considered "official," but as Grandpa Simpson said, "Hot-diggety damn, that's good enough for me!"

I don't have very many real reflecting thoughts right now.  My feelings are strangely unenthusiastic because I wasn't sure they'd let me participate in the graduation, given the revisions.  Yes, I have a one-track mind.  But thanks to the help of my program coordinator (thank you, Lori!), I have the tickets in my possession.

I'm hoping that I will be able to get out of town this weekend to celebrate and refresh before tackling the rest, but either way, defending is something that I'm happy about never needing/planning to do again.  It is one of the most intimidating situations created by mankind.  Kinda like hazing.

And even though I have some work ahead of me, one of my committee members called me "Dr." upon congratulating me.  I didn't anticipate that, but it made this all seem so real all of a sudden.  However, I will never deliberately ask anyone to address me that way... it sounds mighty strange.

P.S. I made my committee and guests (yes, a few people came to support me) vegan carrot muffins, which were a hit.  A note to those who need to sway people, bake these!


  1. Yay! Oh no, going to be running Ojai when you walk. :(

  2. Congrads! That's awesome. You have to give me some tips on the defense part especially the muffins. I plan to start my Doctorate program in 2012.

  3. Congratulations Dr. Nobel4Lit!!!!

  4. Congratulations!! I have dreamt of hearing my committee request that "Dr. b.e.g." return to the room after defending my diss. It must have been amazing for you! Congratulations!!