Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Photo Entry 27: Hope I Don't Blow it This Time

I never really talked about what I did on Valentine's Day.

Well, that's because I was sick and didn't have the energy to cook him dinner like I had planned.

He got me a little present with some things to cheer me up (including that Ring Pop in the back when he "proposed" that we should be Valentines).

I felt really bad because I didn't go through any of that effort.  Worn out from work, school, and my cold, I could only think about laying in front of the TV.

He made me soup with some produce he had and a box of carrot ginger soup in the cupboard -- my version didn't have those sausages on top.  Sadly, due to my extreme lack of appetite, I had to work hard to get it down. :(

NOTE: I did not have these sausages in my bowl!

He even brought over some lovely cheese bread from Bishop, CA.  But as much as I tried to appreciate it, I'm sure my lethargy wasn't appreciated.

Well, now, I've got less than a week to think of something for our third anniversary.  I have school this Saturday and other important school stuffs in the week/s after.  That, along with being completely burnt out in general, doesn't bode well for my creativity.

Last year, he took me to Temecula, a romantic winery area.  Everyone thought he was going to propose, a notion to which I laughed.  I wasn't laughing at the idea but moreso at how quickly people jump to those sorts of conclusions.  Nope, I'm not engaged... yet... except in my school work. 

Okay, maybe not.


  1. That is so sweet of him. It all looks yummy to me. Bread is my down fall.

  2. The bread looks especially enticing!

  3. Hmm... Brent and I did a race together once for our anniversary. Seems like something that might suit you guys :)

    Happy three years, however you end up deciding to celebrate!

  4. Oh wow. Jalapeño cheese bread from Schat's. Can he be my boyfriend ( only if he brings me stuff from Schat's) ?