Thursday, April 7, 2011

New Age Drinks

On a particularly thirsty day, I wound up picking up these from the grocery store in the "New Age Drinks" aisle.  Both were on sale for less than a dollar a bottle, so I paid all the CRV charges and sipped away.

This first one is called Activate Energy, and basically, it claims to have vitamins in the cap that are released when you twist it.  I tasted nothing while drinking this... I didn't even see any powder/vitamins!  The water did taste really "clean," though, which I guess means there was something in it.  ;)

Next up is this "Pre" drink, which claims to boost probiotics in your system.  Who couldn't use more probiotics (excess is flushed out of your system, anyway)??

I got this in this Passion Orange Guava flavor.  All of its flavors are low-calorie (I think 10 in each bottle) and have no freaky sugars in it.  It actually doesn't taste bad, and I couldn't feel any crumbly substances in it, so this is not a bad drink to have.  However, I don't think this drink changed my digestion in this one go, and it definitely needs to be served COLD!

While I don't drink sports drinks anymore (click on the tag on this post, and you'll see all the ones I've tried in the past), I do like to have these so-called "New Age" drinks as an alternative to soda.


  1. I'm always looking for drink alternatives (I'm trying to get off drinking diet coke)

  2. Agreed, Diet Coke is a tough thing to say goodbye to.
    I have been contemplating a bee pollen smoothie recipe I found for that needed energy

  3. Is the vitamins in the cap thing for real? It's gotta be a scam, right?

  4. I've seen those at Marshalls before. I think I'd prefer kombucha...though I think I'd prefer kombucha over just about anything these days :)

  5. hmmm, interesting. i have tried kombucha and like it...wonder if those probiotics are the same?