Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Own Recipe?

Admittedly, although I'm a little free-flying when it comes to my cooking (and even baking... tsk!tsk!), I usually have a little recipe I go by. 

In my quest to eat healthier, I've also started looking at recipe blogs to figure out how to do this without boring my mouth with spinach or causing my boyfriend to run over to a fast-food joint.

I kept buying small amounts of those bulk items like oats and grains from Whole Foods (and similar places), and they have been piling up in "The Ukrainian"'s cabinet.  Finally, I had enough of messing with those bags and suggested we get some clear containers for them so that we know exactly how much we have and would be more enticed to use them.

But after searching in a few stores, we realized that jars were the best option.  We got 12 for $10 at Target, which means <$1 per jar.  I'll take that!  There are only two measly jars here right now (red quinoa and wheatberries that I've had for nearly 3 years but are still good), but that will change...

Anyway, one night, I was told "just make salad."  Given that I don't like eating like a rabbit, I made this garbanzo bean salad (recipe HERE).  I subbed dates for raisins.  This dish was actually quite good in spite of what I initially thought.

Even though I didn't want to eat like a rabbit, there was spinach, mushrooms, and tomatoes to use up.  So I mixed those up with some cooked wheatberries, jicama, and vegan honey mustard dressing.  I have to say that the wheatberries and dressing made this salad palatable to my occassional junk-food palate.

Finally, I cooked up some red quinoa (salted the water a little first) and added chopped red bell peppers, mushrooms, jicama, and cilantro.  I cooked the bell peppers and mushrooms with a little (maybe 1/3 tsp) ground cumin and added the cooked quinoa in the pot.  With a capful of olive oil and two capfuls of lemon juice (yes, I measure by the container "caps" sometimes), this surprisingly came out really fragrant and tasty.  All from stuff that was lying around.

I consider this my own "recipe," one which I will probably make again.

All three salads united on the plate.


  1. Those salads all look good to me. I have never tried QUINOA. What does it taste like

  2. I *love* garbanzos. I think that salad will be on this weekend's menu....

  3. Great recipe. I like to sprinkle a healthy flax seed and chia seeds blend on top for extra taste and added omega -3's. The benefit of flax seed and the benefit of chia seeds and lignans include lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and with all that quality's a great help for weight loss and maintenance.