Wednesday, April 6, 2011


There's a trendy little area called Los Feliz that is not too far from Hollywood, CA where "The Ukrainian" did part of his growing up.

I did an 18-miler in the morning, and "The Ukrainian" thought it'd be a good idea to take me to Griffith Park to walk it off.  Uhhhhh... that didn't last long in my condition, so we ended up going out to eat instead.

Now he's talking!!

Los Feliz is filled with trendy little establishments like this one called Alcove (I always link my restaurant reviews to Yelp because I feel the opinion of the masses will neutralize mine!).

It was a pretty Saturday afternoon, the weekend before Valentine's Day.  I consider this my Valentine's lunch.  The prices here were moderate -- each dish is around $10-$15.  There were plenty of veggie options, and breakfast was served until late afternoon!

Check out this fruit spread -- and that's just for your water!

And they had quite the spread of tempting delights....

... that we obviously could not resist.

Above: Pear tart(?), raspberry all-fruit smoothie, and my water.  Can you believe I hardly had any of this due to my lack of appetite (I had a pretty bad cold, which didn't stop me from running, I guess)??!

Above: I ordered this chopped greens salad with balsalmic dressing, beets, goat cheese, cranberries, and pine nuts.  I didn't make much of a dent in it, nor did I even touch that bread.  Unusual!!  The goat cheese was not gross like I had suspected.  In fact, I liked it!

I ended up taking it home to eat on Monday for lunch, though it got soggier and my appetite was even worse that day.

And here's what "The Ukrainian" ordered: a chicken breakfast quesadilla.  This is ingenious!  The addition of egg in a quesadilla is thrilling.  I am going to have to try that sometime...


  1. i always want to get one of their desserts, but always end up too full from my meal!

  2. This place looks tasty! Don't know when I will ever be in that area but that dessert case is calling my name. I can hear it all the way down here.

  3. Yum!! Both of those dishes sound amazing. Salads with fruit and goat cheese are bound to be delicious. The tart looks wonderful as well. I wish I lived in the area so I could try it!

  4. Looks great! Those cakes, especially!

  5. drooling over the pear tart (??) oh my goodness....

  6. I ate at Aroma Cafe this week (the sister restaurant). It's always so good! I had the Brie and Apple panini and it was so good! I have to go back one night for dessert and coffee. Good people watching too!