Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Your (Running) Life in Tweets

If you're anti-Twitter, you may want to skip this post.  (About a year ago, I would have skipped my own post!)

If you have a Twitter account (click HERE to follow me), do you "follow" other runners?

For those who know nothing about Twitter, two things:

1) Tweet = update your status in 140 characters or less
2) Follow = subscribe to someone's "tweets" so you can see their updates in real-time

Seemingly everyday, I see posts and posts about running.  "Gotta get my run done!"  "6 miles done!" etc. etc.

And let's not forget Saturday and Sunday mornings, where I see a barrage of "I did my 20-miler!" or "I woke up early to run in the cold."

Is this expected, or annoying?

Does Tweeting about your running somehow become so necessary?

And most of all... am I an annoying runner-Tweeter?

I generated a little "Tweet Cloud" that shows the relative frequency of the words I have used in my tweets over the past three months. 

And wouldn't ya know... I see "marathon" there.  Also, I think I have been writing a lot about "cold" "morning"s.  Oh... and what's this?!  "Happy"?!

No word "run" or "mile" in there.  *Whew*


  1. I think the whole twitter thing is unnecessary... but I'm completely addicted!

  2. I'm not a twitterer (tweeter?) nor do I follow other people's tweets... I will say that I think people overdo the "I've run ___ miles" in their facebook updates, but only if that's the only thing they're posting. If that's all you're tweeting, then I think it's about the audience - if you have a lot of people following, it might be nice to intersperse some non-mileage updates in there... If you're interacting mostly with other runners, long live the long run tweets!

  3. Yay glad you are on twitter!
    I used to swear against it but i love it for blog updates and chatting quickly with others!

  4. I have yet to see the appeal of Twitter. But who knows? A year ago, I couldn't fathom the appeal of FB either and now I'm on there.

  5. Twitter is fun, and I just "followed" you! I think I talk about food, or complain about the weather, more than I talk about running! :)