Monday, March 14, 2011

An Untold Story: Hash House a Go Go (Carbo Loading Breakfast)

In my "Untold Stories" series, I relate things that seemingly have nothing to do with running... with running.  To ease myself away from food posts in the spirit of this being a countdown to my marathon this Sunday, here's a part-food, part-life, and part-running post.

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I've been watching a lot of Man vs. Food lately, and I finally caught the episode that showed the Las Vegas Hash House a Go Go.  Finally, I place I've been to... on TV!  So I decided to blog about the time I went to a "famous" place... but I can actually relate this to running!

Tea Time, M, M's sister, and "The Ukrainian" headed there the morning before the Las Vegas Marathon in 2009.  Since I had a feeling that dinner pickings were going to be small (we were staying at the host hotel, which would be FULL of carbo-loading marathoners), we decided to load up on breakfast instead.

So here's how the carbo-load breakfast went.

We'll start innocently with Tea Time's hot cocoa.  Wait... not-so-innocent already... look at the size of those marshmallows!!

This was Tea Time's actual breakfast.  This was the most modest breakfast on the table.... :/

I'll contrast that with the *least* modest breakfast on the table...  I can barely tell what this is anymore, but I am pretty sure it's their chicken benedict.

Chicken and waffles were ordered across the table...

Here is MY breakfast.  Yep, that rosemary is a common theme.  And yes, this picture is up-close because these were actually all taken on my (old Kodak) camera during an era in which I didn't photograph every freaking thing I see and relied on others to document everything.  This is a veggie hash.  I mostly ate the eggs and potatoes.  This was WAY too much food for me.  Ironically, what I enjoyed the most was the biscuit with the strawberry jam they had on the table.

This is actually biscuits and gravy.  Under eggs.  "The Ukrainian" still has plate envy over this dish.

After the meal, I thought "The Ukrainian" might die that night.  I am not kidding.  :(  I kept checking to make sure he was breathing whenever he napped or slept or when he took more than a few minutes in the bathroom.

But in spite of my fears, we were both awake to get to the finish line the next morning.


  1. I LOVE man v. food! I couldn't stop watching the marathon this weekend. It makes me so hungry though

  2. I watched Man vs. Food a couple weeks ago on the treadmill. Wow. Your dishes were equally impressive. Holy cow. (or chicken?)

  3. Those plates are insane!

    I watched Man vs. Food once while riding the trainer. I just want to shout at the tv "Stop eating! Its not worth it!"

  4. Beautiful looking food. I would be all over those chicken and waffles!

  5. Oh my gosh! That is sooooo big!! I'd be sure to have a defibulator around too. you can never be too careful.

  6. This place is an institution among my poker playing friends who frequent Vegas!