Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Shortcut Vegan Pot-Pie

NOTE: This rendition was not really vegan but could easily be made as such. Read on...

One of the first dishes "The Ukrainian" and I made together in his kitchen was a vegan pot pie. I wish I had been as diligent about taking pictures back then, but the project involved extremely sticky dough and me omitting some critical herbs in the broth :/ (but we're still together, so that obviously didn't matter!).

I guess it took me a few years to return to this dish, but I did miss it and wanted to give it another shot. But nowadays, I don't have time to make dough and am trying to use up stuff lying around.

Above: I used a veggie buillion cube to start this broth, along with herbs such as garlic powder, basil, oregano, and pepper. I couldn't get the flour in without clumping, even though I sifted and added slowly (tough to do by yourself!). I later had to strain this.

Above: A Fresh & Easy pancake mix was the inspiration for the crust. I also had these mixed veggies for convenience. The pancake mix is the non-vegan portion of this meal because it contains small amounts of buttermilk powder. I added a hemp milk and an egg to this mixture as well (which could be subbed with a flax or chia egg).

Above: I had enough leftover batter for a couple of pancakes. These are the FIRST pancakes I have ever made. The whole wheat flavor made these incredibly flavorful! I am not a pancake fan normally, but I liked these!

Above: With leftover vegan pesto I had, I made a pasta salad. It was easy -- boil pasta + potatoes, add chopped tomatoes and pesto... then toss. This was actually very good!

Above: So these pot-pies had to cook for 40 minutes. I was freaking out because I didn't think they'd cook (hence why I didn't take anymore preparation shots), but it turned out to be fine.

I think next time, I will opt to make my own crust again. While the pancake mix worked and was a relatively healthy alternative, it isn't exactly the same as having a nice, flaky crust. Also, I am not an "outta the box" type person, though I really was impressed by that box of pancake mix.


  1. I watch way too much Food Network but regarding the clumping flour, you need to first cook the flour in some butter or margarine to get the flour taste out and make what is called a rue. Then you slowly stir in the liquid soup part and then add the spices. Otherwise it will always clump and have a flour taste. You've been busy in the kitchen.

  2. Here's another idea with the flour - if you're going to use it as a thickener. Get a small container with a tight fitting lid (like a Tupperware, or a disposable Glad container). Put the flour in it. Add about the same amount of water. Put the lid on it and shake well. The idea is to turn the flour into a slurry. Then pour the slurry into the liquid being thickened. Works like a charm!