Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Saucony Hurricane 12

After destroying my previous pair of shoes during the rainy (an understatement) LA Marathon, I needed to spring for a new pair of shoes before gearing up for Fargo Marathon

I've tried many brands of shoes by now, but I walked into the store demanding that I try something new.  Well, unfortunately, they only had two stability shoes in my size in the store, so I was left with slim pickings.

Fortunately, there was a clear winner in this two-shoe contest, and it's one that I know pretty well.... Saucony Hurricane 12!  I ran in two pairs of Hurricane 10's a while back, but the 11 didn't seem to work for me the last time I bought shoes.  The 12 is everything I liked about the 10's... and more!  They fit in the right places (especially the heel), feel like a cloud, are deep enough for my flattish/wide foot, and are actually attractive. :)

Looking foward to the next six months (that's how long my shoes typically last)!


  1. I keep telling myself that I am going to branch out with my shoes but I tend to stick with what I know works for certain.

  2. i tend to stick to my old standards too. i'll occasionally break out if it's on sale. which is how i ended up running in my current pair. but in the end i'll likely go back to a favorite.

  3. There is nothing more exciting than a new pair of shoes to test the waters (pun intended). Have fun on your first runs with them.