Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The New Clif Shot

What seems like eons ago, I blogged about Clif Shot energy gels.

Since then, it only takes me about a mile to take down a gel during a race. But now, the product has been reformulated (and I guess I have been reformulated over the years as well, :D).

Clif sent me a sample of the new gel in the Chocolate flavor. I took it with me during a recent 15-miler and found it to be thick (perhaps due to cold) and rather tasty.

Sure, it was very sweet. Maybe too sweet for some (but not me as I am dying from fatigue already halfway through the run), but the chocolatey flavor was very palatable and not artificial-tasting at all.


  1. I have never tried these, but this chocolate one looks yummy! A great spring to your step. :)

  2. I don't know if I'll ever get used to clif shots. I still use them, but cringe everytime I do.

  3. You take it over a mile? Wow, I just down it as quickly as possible (I use Gu). I hate taking it so much, I can't stand dragging it out.

    Do you think the Clif ones are better than Gu?

  4. How do you know when you need a salt packet or a gel/gu? I did a 10k this summer and still felt ok at the end but wiped. Fitness level or refuel station how will I know?

  5. Hi! Thanks for the comment!

    I'm not an authority, but this is my experience:

    I think salt and GUs are refueling routines that you sort of learn by trial-and-error. Wish there was a definitive formula, but people differ so widely. In general, I'd say that a GU is more of a pre-race fuel before a 10K if you can't handle food in your stomach but need fuel. I would also say that anything over 8 miles probably warrants a gel.

    A gel contains about 100 calories, which is what you burn in a mile, but the point of them is just to send the sugar in the blood for quick energy rather than replenishing your calories. Definitely practice when them in your training... I can't stress this enough. You may find it takes a while for you to get one down, or maybe you'll have it in a few gulps. They should be taken in with a little water, if possible.

    As for salt, it's probably not necessary for runs under 15 miles, unless it's REALLY hot and you're sweating a lot. Then maybe once an hour. I certainly don't want to recommend taking salt if it's not needed (because we all know it's not good for blood pressure and such).

    Hope this helps.

  6. i've heard some good things about the new clif ones...haven't tried it yet. still not sure what my favorite gels are. i do like that the powerbar ones are thinner and easier to swallow...