Thursday, March 31, 2011

Milks, part 3

This is my third post in a series of entries about non-dairy milk alternatives.

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I continued my journey through non-dairy milks, trying to avoid soy whenver possible just because of all the hoop-la surrounding it.

But then I saw this "Silk" brand, notorious for soy milk, come out with an almond version.  Nutritionally, it fared better with me than other almond milks because of added vitamin/minerals and slightly more protein.  Lack of protein is my #1 complaint about almond milk... especially since I figure that almonds are protein-rich in their whole form.

Bottom line: This is the tastiest almond milk I've tried!  It isn't watery and has a good amount of sweetness without being overly so.  I was able to drink this by itself, eat it with cereal, and even cook with it.

Next on the list is this hemp milk.  Yes, I went there.  And no, I didn't smoke anything. ;)  I had avoided hemp milk because it is seemingly the most expensive of all the non-dairy alternatives out there.  This one was on sale (it goes on sale periodically at Whole Foods).

My verdict -- this one is my new favorite non-dairy beverage!  Its consistency is perfect!  If I were made of money, I'd spend the $3.99 this normally costs when it's not on sale.

Last time, I reviewed this coconut milk (middle) in the vanilla flavor and did not like it.  This time, I decided to try it again in the regular one, and I must say that although the thickness is still offputting, it does REALLY well in baked goods!  Actually, with some cereal, this went down easily and contains the fewest calories of the bunch.

The remaining two I'll go through quickly.  On the left, you see this "Hemp Dream" milk, which oddly has tie-dye on the front. :$  I found this milk to be a little on the watery side and had a slightly strange flavor.  It was perfectly fine used in oatmeal.

Worse is that one on the right, Pacific.  I like Pacific's soy milk, but this hemp milk is totally watery and has an odd flavor.  Be warned.  Plus, they aren't cheap.  I got by because of sales and coupons.

I'm really glad there are so many non-soy, non-dairy alternatives out there nowadays that don't necessarily cost as much as a gallon of gas these days (yeesh!). 


  1. "Real" milk makes my stomach hate me, so I have tried my fair share of alternative milks as well...this post is great! Silk PureAlmond is my favorite almond milk! It totally surprised me since, like you said, Silk is known for soy milk.

    There is also an unsweetened version of Silk PureAlmond that I buy (only 35 calories per cup!) because I try to stay away from added sugars. I totally don't understand why there isn't more protein in the milk's something that has continuously confused me!

    I totally agree that tempt hemp milk is wonderful! I've only bought it once though because of the price :(

  2. I LOVE the silk almond milks! The dark chocolate "milk" is unbelievably good. Haven't tried hemp milk yet though.

  3. I used to drink milk all the time as a kid. But I haven't touched milk in years. Something about it just grosses me out.

  4. Ah! Thanks for posting this! I have to send this to my friend too, she has been asking about it! :)

  5. I recommend Almond Breeze Vanilla UNsweetened. Its soooo good with oatmeal (or my new fave, Bob's Red Mill 7grain hot cereal, then add banana, honey & pecans). I find the Almond Breeze does best in coffee, will have to try some of the others.