Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Counter

After hearing a lot about this build-your-own-burger chain, I finally got a chance to visit The Counter in Pasadena, CA.

But first, since I had just run 16 miles that morning and then ran around with the dog after, I was HUNGRY. So hungry, in fact, that I could not make it through an Ikea trip that "The Ukrainian" needed to make without sustenance.

Love their cheap and (somewhat) healthy food!

My meal (or snack, I guess), consisted of some of the veggies above and this vegetable wrap with lemon poppyseed dressing. It was fresh, flavorful, and filling! I might have had a bite of "The Ukrainian"'s mashed potatoes (not pictured).

So back to The Counter. It was getting late at this point, but we found it in an obsure area of the city.

We sat at the bar to avoid the wait and started checking off our burger choices!!  I got 1/3 lb veggie, while "The Ukrainian" ordered the 1 lb. beef.  While I normally don't care about him eating meat, the 25-minute wait to cook that darn burger made me VERY sad.  Should have ordered an appetizer.

And yes, I put cheese on there!  I HAD to have it, so I took a few digestive meds as a precaution.

Here's the 1 lb. beef monster.  And a sort of cross-section shot to show the "doneness."

I liked my burger better.  Served on a nicely-toasted English muffin.  The grilled onions on top, though, were a huge FAIL.  They were soggy, oily, and had too much black pepper on them.  I removed them and enjoyed my burger accordingly with barbecue sauce and mustard.

The veggie patty was one of the best I've had.  You can see the black beans and veggies in it!  However, I feel like I could recreate something similar for much cheaper with frozen patties.


  1. I'm not really a burger person. At all. but that looks yummy

  2. Yum! A nice (giant) fully loaded burger is the perfect post-long run meal. That looks amazing.

  3. Man, now I really want some swedish meatballs. I wish there was an Ikea around here.....

  4. Those custom pizza/burger chains alway sound so neat to me, but then really just end up giving me inspiration for making my own and being creative!

  5. I don't love burgers, but I do like that wrap pictured!!

  6. I liked your falafel post, but THIS post just won my heart hands down.

    Mmmmm.... 1 lb of beef.....