Monday, February 21, 2011

Weekly Workouts: 2/19 - 2/25

Last week, I was pretty darn sick.  I had a low-grade fever for two days, both of which I went to work.  It was hard to sit... I even had to sleep in my car during lunch to last through the day.  But I'm pretty ridiculous and worked out both days (not intensely but still).  I work out pretty early in the morning, which had been too early to get a good gauge of my health.  So I'd always be fine, only to crash a few hours later at work.

My illness resulted in the end of my excessive appetite.  While I'm sure it would have happened on its own, this just made it really abrupt.  I had to force myself to eat food regularly, and when I ate, I was MUCH slower than usual.  I remember having lunch with the family, and in a very rare event, they all finished before me.

While it's not smart sometimes to work out while ill, I'm glad I did.  I had been prepared to quit at any time I didn't feel right -- and yes, I did cut down when I needed to.  However, I had a critical training week that I got through, and even though the running wasn't stellar, my legs got through it with minimal soreness.  The rest of my body, on the other hand, took quite a beating, but I think this was in a good way.  This kind of mental toughness will hopefully help me down the line.

So training goes on as I continue to rebound health-wise.  I am glad I got it earlier rather than later. :)


This Week's Workouts:

Saturday - sat on my butt in class from AM to PM... but the good news is, I had a good presentation -- so good that I am going to be the opening act at a big school event in a few months

Sunday - rest; walked around the mall

Monday - 1.5 mi to the gym & 1.5 mi back; 20 min assorted cardio; 40 min strength
It was. freaking. cold. outside.

Tuesday - ~6 mi
Ditto the comment on Monday about the cold.

Wednesday - 15 min upright bike; 15 min elliptical/stepper combo; 20 min weights

Thursday - 22 mi
I am the freaking cramp queen. :X

Friday - 15 min upright bike; 5 min elliptical; 40 min strength
So sore...

Weekly Mileage: 31


  1. While it's admirable to workout during a fever, it's certainly not advisable since it greatly increases your chances of dehydration, as well as other adverse side-effects. But if you made it out of the illness just fine, it seems to have worked for you!

  2. I make similar decisions about training while sick. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they end up biting me in the butt, but rarely do I regret them.

    Hope you're feeling better!

  3. Working out while sick - you never know how it'll turn out. Usually I feel a wee bit better, & recover from the illness faster, so I try to go for it anyway.

    I need an end to MY excessive appetite!