Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Workouts: 2/12 - 2/18

Nothing grand to report.  I was pretty sick last week and am trying hard to stick to the plan.  On the upside, my eating has definitely improved, but that could be due to the said illness. :\


This Week's Workouts:

Saturday - 18 mi
I had a pretty bad fever 3 days before this, so all things considered, I shouldn't complain that I was doing 11-12+ min/miles.  I was pretty exhausted throughout.  Took 2.75 gels.  FORGOT salt and cramped the last 2 miles, slowing my slowness to a walk.  But to get it done... well, that's more than I expected and strangely slightly better than the last time I did an 18-miler.

Sunday - rest; stretching/"The Stick"

Monday - 40 min of elliptical/stepper hybrid; 20 min weights

Tuesday - ~6 mi
Didn't regret this until I finished and felt like I'd never stop coughing.

Wednesday - 35 min of elliptical/stepper hybrid; 25 min weights

Thursday - 6 mi
Tired of running in 40 degree weather.  Kept the pace slow because I'm not completely recovered yet.

Friday - 2.5 mi; 20 min elliptical; 10 min elliptical/stepper; 30 min bike; 20 min strength
I have class on Saturday... BOO, so while I had every intention of doing 13 miles today, it rained, and the gym was too hot to hoof it, so oh well.  I'll let my lungs recover (see Sunday above) this weekend.

Weekly Mileage: 32.5

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