Saturday, February 19, 2011

Random Photo Entry 25: Happy "Birthday," Cat!

I might be lame, but this Sunday marks the one year since I woke up and discovered this:

I'm not a cat person, so usually any cat that walks by the back door is "shusshed" away by me or someone else in my family.  And believe me, we tried.  She would NOT leave.  She had no collar, and then it started to rain.  The cat gained entry into our previously pet-less home (well, except when it serves as a pet hotel to my canine nephews).

You can read more about her breed here.  As far as cats go, she is about as low-maintenance as can be.  She took to the litter box like a champ.  And after a few "toilet paper roll destruction" episodes, she has learned that those are not her toys.  Speaking of toys, she doesn't take to them as excitedly as many cats do, but she still has a couple nonetheless.

And as I mention on my About Me page, she is smart, too.  Even at her non-kitten age, I was able to teach her how to sit on command.  It took about one month (on and off) and a lot of her meowing in frustration.  Many of the training sessions took place at 5:30 in the morning before I set off to work.  But during last Thanksgiving holiday, something seemingly clicked.  (Still working on teaching her the "down" command, but I had to teach it to the dog first.)

Her utter cuteness is what really sealed the deal for us.  Along with being easy-going, her cuteness apparently landed her some advertising gigs prior to living in our house.  Or maybe it's true that cats live nine lives....


  1. She is really cute. I am really not a cat person either... I prefer my doggy.

  2. YAY CAT PHOTOS! I am a total cat person and have two. But mine do not sit on command, nor do they pose for photos like yours! So cute.