Tuesday, February 15, 2011

iFitness Belt

It has been a long time since I bought any sport belts, and for good reason. 

I wasn't really a fan of this one or worse, this one (fanny pack!), so I had given up on the prospect of carrying stuff around in a belt.  So I had been using my shorts, my pants, my jackets, sweats, and even my own hands to haul stuff around during my runs.  And since I mostly run outside now, it is getting hard to keep up because I only have a few items of clothing that can carry my stuff, and I hate carrying stuff with my hands.

For that reason, I hardly ever run with my cell phone.  Yes, this is bad, but my cell is a large touchscreen that I don't think tolerates moisture too well.  I used to run with my old phone that was flip, but I think my sweat destroyed it eventually.  So I prioritize and bring my RoadID, pepper spray, gels, and key only. 

Well, I recently decided to give this belt thing another shot and got an iFitness belt.  My sister has had one for a while and reviewed it here.  Given her good review, I picked up a double-pouch at an expo for $27 and saved myself waiting and tax.  Unfortunately, they didn't have the black and green one that I wanted, so I settled on this blue one.  I was pretty set on the double pouch, because I didn't want to overstuff one pocket with all the stuff listed above.

Although it took a little while to get the staff's attention, I was told by one of them that the "sealed" version that I got is water-resistant.  They also have a cheaper, non-sealed version if you don't care about stuff getting sweaty.  The neoprene they use in the sealed one is the same stuff that wetsuits are made of, but I should not go swimming with this because it's NOT waterproof.  But they assured me that I could put my cell phone in there with no harm, better if on the side with no seam on it (see pic below for the seam).

The belt snaps on easily (unlike some other belts I've tried), which is a huge plus.  That picture of me on the right -- sorry I was covering my eyes, but it was early and I was sleepy -- is the first time I put it on with stuff inside.  I felt like the pocket was awkwardly overstuffed, but it did seem to stay in place once I found the correct positioning for it.  Basically, it needs to be placed LOW, and then it doesn't move around, to my amazement.  I was also able to access my gels pretty easily, because usually I carry them in my back pockets.

When I took out my cell phone afterward, it was dry!  Sure, sweat got on the belt, but a little hang-dry took care of that.  I am pretty impressed with this belt, as I had been pretty skeptical about it.  Now I can wear whatever clothes I want while running. :)


  1. nice. I'm going to check this out.

  2. I have never in my life run with my cell phone. I'm just asking for trouble.

  3. I have been intrigued by fitness gear for running and actually wondered about belts. This was a good review to read!