Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dinner Party a-la Us

If you have been following my blog, you have probably noticed that over time, I have been:

1) posting more frequently
2) featuring more food, including restaurant dishes and my own cooking

While I don't feel the need to explain the reason why running isn't the center of all my posts, I will say that I used to blog a lot less frequently relying on running topics alone. So while reviewing races and running gear will always be my favorite... I eat way more often than I do any of these things! Not to mention, I'm sure you don't want to hear the gruesome details of every single one of my runs. (If you'd like to see my daily workouts, though, click HERE and HERE for examples.)

Anyway, about cooking.  On a normal basis, I prefer to prepare simpler meals like this one:

Above: Trader Joe's veggie marsala burger patty with greek yogurt on top and sandwich thins, with a side of spinach salad, mushrooms, tomato, and half a banana.

I've gotten a little more adventurous in my cooking.  For example, I made fried rice with a bunch of leftover veggies and mixed brown rice.

Served with a side of some of the meatiest meat you can think of (for the man).  I prayed I would just need to heat these up and use the spatula every so often to get these done.  They were easy but way too splattery for my liking.  The things you do for others...

Given that I don't like cooking meat, I prefer when "The Ukrainian" cooks with me.  We don't get to do this very much anymore.  In fact, I'm thinking it's been over four months.

Four months ago, we hosted a dinner party for a couple of couples (his high school friends and their girlfriends).  We started them off with a simple mixed greens salad with persimmon, mushroom, and garlic.

Above: I guess he's very lax about cooking, versus my frantic self.

Above: the table setting. 

Above: "The Ukrainain" preparing some feta-stuffed burgers.  I couldn't stop eating the feta out of the tub.

We also prepared two pizzas, inspired by the time I made pizza with store-bought crust.  With this extra step out of the way, they came together quickly.  The top one (made by me) is topped with Daiya, tomatoes, capers, mushrooms, and basil on whole wheat crust.  The bottom (made by "The Ukrainian") is mozzerella with bell peppers, dill, and mushrooms on herbed crust.

This was served with a tiramisu dessert that I had prepared the day before.

The guests seemed pretty impressed, and I took some pride in making food that was a little more sophisticated than these:

Above: Tomato soup made out of jarred pasta sauce, water, and microwaved frozen veggies.  Ha ha... ghetto, I know!  A throwback to my days at Vegeslop!

Above: Israeli couscous with tomato-basil feta, garlic hummus mixed in, and spinach.  At least I cooked the couscous myself...


  1. Never thought to make pizza in those deeper-dish aluminum pans, but it looks like it worked really well! Have to file that one away...

  2. I for one like the addition of food into the posts :-)

  3. I am inviting myself to your house for dinner.

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