Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekly Workouts: 1/8 - 1/14

This marks the return of the "Weekly Workouts" series of posts that I was using to log my marathon training last year. Now that the Holiday Bootie-Buster Challenge (HBBC) is over, I decided to continue these posts if for no other reason than tracking mileage (you can see this at the BOTTOM/footer of this blog).


I started off last marathon's cycle with a mindset of desperation. I was coming back from a bad race and wanted to do everything I could to make the next one better. I did not implement everything I said I would try long-term, as I will outline here:

- I totally didn't last with Pilates very long, and my yoga stint lasted maybe a few months. I will still do some of the moves or even the whole DVD once in a while, so I guess not all was lost.

- And then there was ChiRunning, which did not work for me except to bring more awareness to myself when I was running blatantly in poor form. I figured out that my own stride (with awareness) worked best for me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the other hand, I HAVE been doing things to help myself out this cycle:

- Healthier eating: Been mainly doing this since the new year. Basically, this entails me making SURE I get more veggies in my diet and eating fewer decadent desserts. Haven't been perfect, but working on it!

- More regular vitamin consumption. Currently taking: 1 iron, 2 glucosamine, 1 women's multi-vitamin. Yes, I just told the entire blog world about my personal vitamin consumption.

- Increased strength training, particularly of the arms, legs, abs. I have a separate post (or maybe more than one) coming at some point. Hopefully sooner than later. It will be a good one... promise!

- Wii Fit: Okay, so this hasn't apparently helped me any, but it's SUPPOSED to help me improve my balance. I am definitely going to do a write-up about this once I use it long enough to say something useful.

- Regular stretching/rolling. I have been ensuring that I stretch each day, especially those that involve me running. Thanks to Sister K, I got a mini "The Stick" for Christmas and am using it with increased frequency. I am also using the gym foam roller, as well as "The Ukrainian"'s.

Okay, enough of these details. You'll see enough of them week-by-week as I log my training for LA Marathon. Note that I am NOT following a training program this time around. I won't spend a lot of time entertaining the reason for this; basically, I didn't see the desired results with it last time, and it was not worth all the additional strain.


This Week's Workouts:

Note: I am using Saturday as the beginning of the week this time since HBBC ended on a Friday.

Saturday - 10 mi @ 10:10 pace (recap here)

Sunday - rest; stretching/"The Stick"

Monday - 25 minutes of strength training; 20 minutes vigorous Jacob's Ladder; 1.5 mi run (.25 @5.8mph; 5 min @7.2mph, 2.5 min @7.4mph, 2.5 min @7.6 mph); 15 min Wii Fit, stretching/rolling

Tuesday - 5 mi (maybe a bit more) -- not planning on using my Garmin for any weekday runs
Stomach issues but ran it solidly (without stopping). Note for next time: have a more easily digested lunch.

Wednesday - 30 min strength training; 30 min Versa-climber/Jacob's Ladder
No running due to sore knee. Low-impact to the rescue!

Thursday - 6 mi - street route w/big hill toward the end
Getting through this run without stopped (besides lights) was a miracle. Was extremely fatigued last night all of a sudden in spite of eating/sleeping well. No other symptoms but body was definitely weak during this run (and especially afterward!!).

Friday - 30 min strength, 20 min upright bike

Weekly Mileage: 22.5


  1. Looks like a solid week planned!

  2. Great plan, girl!!! I go to yet another blog that gives me workout envy, lol ;-)

  3. I really enjoy your weekly training postings - I'm always interested to see what other people do to prepare for big races.