Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekly Workouts: 1/29 - 2/4

Must resist temptation to start going for "speed" and wind up injuring myself.  I pulled my right hamstring last May, and I'm finally at a point where I don't feel it while running anymore.  Very seldomly do I feel it while sitting (which actually happened more often than during running).

I only have three really huge long runs left, this week containing one of them.  I have an 18 and 22 (or at least 20) left, and a 12 somewhere in that mix.  However, I consider any run longer than a half-marathon to be important enough to not snuff.  And what these runs have in common is a need for gels.  I'll start pumping the gels during runs of 15+.  And no, I don't drink sports drinks very often... except sometimes after running for headache prevention.

I've been inconsistent with stretching.  I'm calling myself out on this in this public forum so that I commit to it more often.  I blame it on the fact that when I come back home from a run, I have to 1) shower, 2) pick up some sort of mess the dog made/play with dog who won't leave me alone, 3) fold laundry, 4) clean floors... which puts my eating/stretching on the sidelines.  I hardly get any true downtime anymore.


This Week's Workouts:

Saturday - 16 mi
Went really well, 9:59 pace overall.  Not sure why, but my Garmin lopped off exactly a mile off my run.  I SWEAR I did it all, though.

Sunday - rest; stretching/"The Stick"

Monday - 30 min strength; 20 min elliptical/stepper hybrid & 10 min Jacob's ladder

Tuesday - 5 mi
HAD to go to the restroom during last mile.  Now you know how this blog got its name!

Wednesday - 30 min strength; 10 min Jacob's ladder, 10 min stairclimber, 10 min elliptical/stepper hybrid

Thursday - 6.5 mi
Went to a rubber track and froze my face off as I was doing a fast lap around.  Decided to bail and run a trail run instead near my workplace.  It was 35 this morning.  I thought I was gonna lose my thumbs.  Had to take some breaks because my head hurt from cold and running in those conditions are just darn uncomfortable.

Friday - 30 min strength/circuit-type workout, 20 min upright bike, 5 min stretch/roll

Weekly Mileage: 27.5


  1. I can be really inconsistent with my stretching too - I usually tell myself I'll do it "after I shower", but then I start making food and sit on the couch and I forget about it. I think it helps when I make myself do at least 5 minutes before I shower. That's awesome that you've been able to overcome your hamstring injury...that can be very tricky business. I recently started foam rolling my hamstrings - I'm not sure if it helps or not, but it feels good!

  2. Knock on wood, it seems like it's been a great training cycle so far... entering the final push!

    I've gotten pretty lax with fueling in training. This weekend I found myself starving in the middle of most of my workouts, but I hadn't thought to bring any food or drink with me. Definitely have to work on that...

  3. Hi! Just found your blog via a link on someone else's (sorry, have already forgotten whose :( ) I'm good about stretching, but like Abby above, I'm really lazy about bringing/consuming water or gels during long runs. Self-defeating, right? But it would be boring to be perfect...