Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Running Sweats

This entry is a little bit personal...

Do you judge a runner by their clothing?

I fully admit to having done this. Before I was brave enough to take to the streets to run, I'd do full on 4-6 milers on the track. Yes, it's a bit insane to run that many loops, but I was comfortable with the track and figured I could stop at anytime without worrying about going too far astray.

In my track rendevouz, I used to see a lot of people logging around in full-on sweats. Even as a newbie runner nearly five years ago (wow -- has it been THAT long?), I stuck to athletic shirts and shorts on my runs. After all, even in the morning, Los Angeles is still warm enough to do that.

And then, I'd start making assumptions about people running in sweats. Oh, they must be a football player training for hot conditions (I saw this a lot in high school). or This person must be trying to lose water weight quickly (e.g., a wrestler). or... here it is: Oh, a jogger!

I think most runners would be at least a little offended to be called a jogger. I hardly know what that term means anymore, but it seems to be derogatory and imply slowness or advanced age or something. Runners wear tech gear -- JOGGERS wear sweats.

Oh, really?

Yes, the personal part of this post is this really embarrassing picture of myself, post-run, in full-on sweats. It was in the mid-40's for this morning run, and I was tired of layering my running clothes just to be able to bear these unusual conditions. So my Psi Chi (geeky psychological honor society in which I was an officer in undergrad) hoodie and home sweats saved me.***

This ensemble was perfect -- even with all that, my sweating was not that bad after about 6 miles. I guess it must have been quite cold. Yay for no cold-induced leg cramps and hoodie that made me look like a unibomber until I got warm enough to take it off!

I will end this post by listing cons to running in sweats:
- people might think you're a "jogger" (see above)
- heavier laundry loads due to heavier clothing
- extra weight, both in clothing and appearance (adds bulk to body BUT also hides bulk, :D )
- possible chafing (can be prevented by using this)

***Obviously, the proper under-gear was worn as well.


  1. That picture is adorable...and your sweats look so cozy and comfy!!!

    Thanks for the comment today about the grammar nazi. It made me feel better about my faux paus ;-)

    Have a great night!!!

  2. You look so cozy! I don't think I've ever seen anyone run in sweats actually. Perhaps that just proves how little I pay attention. Maybe I should try noticing the world around me lol

  3. I run in the jankiest clothes, so don't worry too much. And don't judge me if you see me!

    Good luck with your graduate degree!

  4. Ha! I say embrace the sweats - especially when it's that cold in southern California... yikes!

  5. I don't run in sweats only becuase I sweat so much that they would end up weighing 10 pounds after a few miles. Have I mentioned before that I sweat? Not perspire. Sweat....

  6. good on you for running in the cold!!!! :)