Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Photo Entry 24: Why I Quit Salsa

Since my last Random Photo Entry was long, I thought this next one can be short.

One year ago, I started taking salsa.

Not THIS kind of salsa. I'd never quit eating that unless I develop a severe tomato allergy!


I had always wanted to learn to dance, and since I no longer had to coummute 35+ miles to get to work everyday, it seemed to suddenly fit into my schedule.

So I went, almost every Wednesday evening and most Saturday afternoons (even after long runs). I was taking classes during this time period, yet somehow it worked. This lasted for 8 months. In fact, it pretty much went up until I did my first dissertation defense.

Then, as the temperatures climbed, I backed out of my new fun hobby. I hated myself for this, because "The Ukrainian" attended a couple of classes after that and decided it was no fun without me.

Yes, because we're partners in crime. And I hated having to switch partners all the time -- sweaty old men, old men who touched inappropriately, and men who were just sort of creepy. And then there was watching my "Ukrainian" dancing with other ladies -- some were old, but there were also a few young ones (unlike the men). It was not a sight for me to see, although he'd always "Save the Last Dance for Me."

I thought about picking it up again this year, given the cold weather we've been having. But lately, I've been cooking moreso than jonesing to do another 1.5 hours of cardio at 8 PM after having already run at 5:30 AM.

And, of course, I have another small responsibility...

He's super cute, isn't he? Although he is not *my* dog, per se (my dad bought him), I AM trying to spend as much time as I can with him in these early months in attempt to show him good habits. So pretty much, I feel like I haven't had much of a life and have cut down on my time out of the house since he got here. This sucks, especially since I KNEW it was not within my lifestyle to get a dog right now, but stuff happens, and I can only make the best of the situation.

But that just means, I don't see myself going back to salsa class anytime soon. I have thought about randomly dropping in on some days, but the lessons are progressive, and unless I catch the first few weeks each "quarter," I will be dreadfully behind.

I am starting to forget all the awesome combos we learned, which makes me sad. :(

I can wait 6 months, but then it will be 100+ degrees again. I can wait until next winter, when I will have hopefully graduated. Or I can wait until I've moved out of the house and have no obligations to be anywhere at anytime (an invisible strain)... which could very well be the day I get married???.... and of course, well before kids, because at that point, I will have to wait another 18+ years.

In the meantime, my salsa shoes are hanging around, waiting for me!

On another note, I updated my About Me page.


  1. how sad! if i ever found someone (hubby is NOT interested) that would be willing to go to dance class with me i would be devastated to have to quit. in college my roommate and i conned some friends into taking latin ballroom lessons. it was SO FUN! the cha-cha was my fav.!

  2. I would HATE switching partners. My hubby would never take salsa lessons. But still. I would LOVE to take classes though. Just don't want sweaty old men rubbing on me

  3. My husband and I once took a salsa lesson on a cruise. Our instruction never went past that point.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day! And my goodness, what a cute little dog! Puppies are so adorable.

    I see you have the Fargo Marathon on your race calendar. I did that two years ago. It is a fantastic event, and you will love it. They do a wonderful job.

    All the best, and I look forward to reading your blog!

  5. Aw! What a cute puppy! Yes, dogs do require a lot of time, but they are so worth it! :-)

    You have a lovely blog here by the way.

    Take care.

  6. How fun to have done salsa. Such a fun dance. I hope you get to get back to it soon bec it certainly sounds like you enjoy it!

  7. Ahh I want that dog!! :) Can't wait until I have the time to devote to one!