Friday, January 28, 2011

Peanut Butter & Co. - Dark Chocolate Dreams

All I can say about this peanut butter is that its addiction capability is extremely high. If you have any inkling of liking for peanut butter and/or chocolate, I'd suggest steering clear of this jar.

Its texture is lighter than peanut butter but has a fulfilling peanut-y taste with an extra chocolate richness.

Best of all, this peanut butter is vegan, natural, and not nutritionally unsound (when it comes to peanut butter, anyway!).

I heard they make a white chocolate version, but I have not seen it in stores. Being a white chocolate LOVER, I fear the potential overdose finding it could cause.

The untouched jar... didn't remain as such for long! It's now sitting in "The Ukrainian"'s fridge so that I can't get my hands on it very often.

These retail between $5-6 a jar, giving me another incentive not to indulge too often. Totally worth it, though!


  1. Mmmm! I love pb&co! I eat their cinnamon raisin pb... I went through seriosuly about 4 jars in a month. It is an addiction!

  2. I'm glad you warned to steer clear if you have a think for PB & chocolate. I've been tempted to buy that same thing SO MANY TIMES and haven't (yet) and I'm supposing that's a good thing. I'm a weeeeeee bit obsessed when it comes to that combination. (!)

    Though, I suppose it'd be better (or healthier, at least?) that than a reese's cup, no?

  3. Careful. It's an addiction. But who wants to stop this one? :)

  4. yum. i'm pretty sure that should be illegal! so good!!!

  5. I am in LOVE with dark chocolate dreams peanut butter!! It's a very scary situation to leave me in a room alone with it;)
    Yes, their white chocolate wonderful flavor is, dare I say it-even better then the dark chocolate dreams!?!!! I'm a dark chocoholic fan through and through but the white chocolate one really is, incredible. :)

  6. O my god I love this PB! The Cinnamon Raisin is good too.

    If you have a Target near you its cheaper there then the regular grocery(or at least they are at ours).

  7. Mmm that looks yum! I actually just tried Nutella was awesome!

  8. I've tried the White Chocolate Dreams variety... too delicious but too expensive for this girl! It's a good treat every once in awhile. ;)

  9. Have you tried Justin's chocolate peanut butter? It puts PB&CO to shame ;)

  10. Wow, I had no idea such a product existed. That looks great! I will have to track some of this down. Thanks for sharing the link!

    I am currently pondering what this would taste like in a peanut butter cookie recipe...hmmmm.... :)

  11. Thanks for your blog comment! :)

    Have you ever made vegan PB cups? Yummmm