Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Balance 1226

You can read more about these shoes here, but here's my opinion about these running shoes.

As I have said on this blog before, I have not yet found the "perfect" running shoe. Each one has its own quirks, which tend to injure me at some point or another. In fact, the last pair I got were so bad that I had to return them in a month. Fortunately, the place I get them from has a 60-day return period, regardless of wear.

I was matched with these New Balance shoes and was excited to try out a new brand. At first, when I started running in these, I felt soreness in my foot arch the way it did in the previous pair. However, I soon realized that this was more of me not recovering than the shoe itself.

So I've given this shoe another few months, including a marathon, and am finding that these will work for me. They aren't as cushiony as I'd hope, but perhaps cushioning isn't that critical to me, as I've been running pretty well lately. Most importantly, they are NOT heavy, which is characteristic of shoes that I need (motion control/stability).

Would I get New Balance again? Maybe, though there are some other contenders I'd like to try out first. I'm a couple of months from getting the next pair.

NOTE: I have stopped counting the mileage on my shoes, if for no other reason than laziness. I have a rough idea of time vs. miles run, so I just know I need to change my shoes periodically (approximately 2x/year -- I run about 1000 mi/year at best... see bottom of blog for those stats).


  1. that's too bad that you haven't found the "perfect" shoe. i have shoe ADD...not because they are bad shoe or have problems, i just never stick with something for very long. i like seeing if there's anything better out i always get a different kind of shoe.

    oh, and i started tracking my gear on daily mile. it helps a ton since i'm currently rotating through three different pairs. i just link a workout to a shoe and i'm done. perfect!

  2. I myself is a veteran runner/jogger and must say that the New Balance 1226 model is one of the best one thus far that I have had the honor to try. As you say they are not heavy which is great for any serious athlete or runner. I've actually already worn out one pair of these. Bought a new pair 2 weeks ago :)