Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dave & Buster's

This is generally a place for games (e.g., skee ball, arcade games) and sports-watching, so you can imagine that reviewing a place like Dave & Buster's is definitely weird.

But, to the few people who would consider eating a full-on meal here, this is some of what they have to offer:

Above: Grilled chicken with greens, blue cheese, apples, raspberry vinaigrette, and candied pecans. I'm not a fan of blue cheese, so really I just liked the pecans.

Above: Philly cheese-steak eggrolls. I didn't try these, so I don't know what it tastes like, but an interesting concept nonetheless.

Above: Chicken tenders and fries with a chipotle sauce. Fries with dipping of most kinds are favored by me!

Above: A cone of sweet potato fries with ranch/honey mustard/ketchup. I found these fries too sweet and not crispy enough. But anything dipped in ranch... = :$

I don't eat this type of food all that often, so it's nice once in a while!

P.S. Happy birthday to my mom & the yorkie that owns my sister!

P.P.S. The cat and puppy are still doing well. BUT this photo is a month old. The puppy (who is probably not any part labrador, after all) is already nearly as tall as the cat... I need to get a new photo, because he's growing quick!


  1. It's weird I go to D&B's often but I don't eat there much. I mostly go to play the games. I've racked up quite a bit of points. Saving them up for something big. I know it sounds like a big old waste of money but we mainly go to de-stress and have some fun. The points we rack up is just a perk.

  2. I'm the same way about ranch... slimy carrot? that's okay just put some ranch on it. And fried pickles with ranch? The ABSOLUTE best!