Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Canter's Deli

I am fortunate enough to have grown up in an area full of diversity. However, I never knew this would result in me finding a counterpart of Jewish descent. I remember when I found out this piece of information and was in awe that someone so fundamentally different from me wanted to hang out with me. Especially given that Jewish lineage is passed on through females, so a male Jew dating a non-Jew female is kind of a no-no.

But years have passed, and I've attended Rosh Hashanah dinner and celebrated "not-Christmas" with "The Ukrainian"'s family. I feel fortunate to be able to get schooled on the ways of others.

What does this have to do with Canter's Deli? Well, this place has been a Jewish hang-out (entertainers included) since the earlier parts of the 1900's.

And here's the front of it today, visible from West Hollywood:

We walked in, and I was immediately taken aback by the bakery items! I didn't even notice the person who was trying to seat us. (I later got a few rulugas for home, which were buttery and oh-so-heavenly!)

Above: The menu was lengthy! There weren't that many purely vegetarian options, but definitely not just salad.

Above: I read that these pickles are world-famous, and now I know why. They tasted unlike any pickle I've had before. Kinda... stinky?... but really good! Not sure how they did that, but this side of pickles nearly did me in before the food arrived.

Above: "The Ukrainian"'s order. Pastrami, some kind of (corned?) beef, and something else I can't even see anymore smothered under all of that. The bread (rye) was delicious! Probably a bakery item...

Above: I got these potato pancakes (latkes), which were dense. I had about 3 with the apple sauce that it came with. The other container had sour cream in it, which I avoided.

I would love to come back and try their sandwiches and salads, as well as a HUGE loaded baked potato that probably trumps the one I had in Texas.


  1. Ha, I know that exact pickle taste you're talking about - welcome to Jewish delis :)

  2. Canter's and Langer's (6th street just west of Downtown) are L.A. landmarks! They're on of the reasons I miss not working in downtown.

  3. If there's ice and snow in the track, I bet they'd work just fine there!

  4. I married a Jewish guy, and it's wonderful! His family celebrates Christmas with us (no sharing or swapping holidays every other year), and I get to experience the culture of all his great holidays! His family have totally accepted sister in law is also not Jewish, but luckily, my MIL is cool.

    I adore Jewish delis..matzoh ball soup...yummm!!!

  5. Oh drool! It is just like the semi-famous Schwarz's of Montreal. They only thing they serve is smoked meat on rye bread and pickles. I would give anything for a plate of that right now....

  6. i love jewish delis. i've only been to canter's once, and wanted to try the monte cristo that they're famous for but they wouldn't let me get it vegetarianized to split with my husband and i didn't want to eat it all by myself.

  7. I always want to go and eat after I read your posts! That food looks yummy :)