Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I made tiramisu earlier in the year and finally had the chance to give it another go, this time documenting the process. Behold the hard work it takes to create this "pick me up" (that's that "tiramisu" means, if you didn't know!).

(This recipe comes from here.) Warning... definitely not vegan.

Above: Separating the eggs.

Above: Mascarpone cheese, which actually doesn't taste like much at all on its own.

Above: This begins the egg white beating process. Note the changes. Note the lack of an electric mixer. Yes, I usually use my own arm to beat egg whites. I call it a labor of love.

Above: Looking a little more like what it's supposed to...

Above: Are these what they call "soft peaks?"

Above: About 20-25 minutes of beating eventually leads to... stiff peak? Triumphant, sweaty, and tired! (Ignore the banana... not part of the recipe.)

Above: "Booze" of choice. The coffee is an espresso roast, courtesy of my workplace. Had to double the called-for amount of booze by request. =/

Above: Layer 1 - dip ladyfingers (acquired most cheaply at Asian markets) in booze/espresso and line bottom. No, I am not perfect by any means, but the gloppy stuff will cover it up...

Above: Layer 3... I had poured half of the cheese already.

Above: Here's the finished product, with a dusting of fancy cocoa powder and shaved bits of fancy chocolate!

While I rarely taste my own tiramisus, I actually had a good taste of this one. It was a little on the dry side, which I prefer, but not sure if everyone does. The booze factor was still subtle, and overall, it was enjoyed by all. So I guess all the effort was worth it, even though a hand mixer would have allowed me to finish this in a quarter of the time!


  1. I have never made tiramisu. It looks delicious!

  2. Yum! I love tiramisu myself and love going to a local Italian bakery where I have gotten awesome stuff. I prefer mine to be completely soaked in espresso and booze. :)