Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Photo Entry 23: Winter Activities

Here's another installment of my Random Photo Entries (this is a long edition -- click photos to make them larger)!

I haven't felt much like blogging over the holiday (I have means of posting still), but I am falling behind on my photo-posting, so here's the scoop:

Above: Elf hat = volunteering to hand gifts out with Santa for about 300 disadvantaged/special needs kids. There was a wide array of reactions such as skepticism, crying, cuteness, and gift-giving.

Above: Walking out with Santa.

Above: A few days later, Mammoth-bound in the rain... I found this fruity oatmeal at McD's... wow!

Above: Bakery in Bishop, CA. Along with their delicious homemade bread, their veggie sandwich (shown here) was truly the best veggie sandwich I've ever had. It was simple -- lettuce, tomato, alfalfa sprouts, red onion, avocado, swiss -- but grand.

Above: The store-front.

Above: It was sooo snowy that chains were required, and even then, it was slippery. Thank goodness for handy "Ukrainian"s!

Above: Next stop -- Vegas. See my first-ever Vegas buffet plate. I waited in line soooo long that my hunger led me to create this monstrosity -- I ate about half of this "world on my plate" and was so full afterward.

Above: Vegas decor.

Above: I finally found one of these places and had a pumpkin coffee. Coffee (fully caffeinated) is definitely needed in Vegas. It was cheap and WAY delicious!

Above: I admit that I got a little heavy-handed at the outlets... Those post-holiday sales are deadly.

Above: Buffet plate, night #2. A lot less this time.

Above: That almond bar (top right below the chocolate petit four) was memorable. I will try to find a recipe for it!

Above: More Vegas glamor beyond what's typical.

Above: And a large drink is definitely part of the experience... bubbling in dry ice. Don't worry... I shared.

I have a surely busy year ahead, so I'm glad to be spending some time relaxing and whittling away at my youthful energy that I'm not using so well on the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge. :(


  1. What? You went to Schat's and didn't take my order? And you got some DD coffee too? Amazing.

    Great getting to know you this past year. Hope to see more of you at races this upcoming year. No. I'm not going to Fargo.

  2. I love Mammoth! When were you up there? I've been up a few times since they opened this season...
    I LOVE Schat's. Lucky you were able to sneak in a photo - they have that sign about "NO PHOTOS" so i've been too scared to try taking a picture in there. If you are looking for another good sandwich joint in Bishop try the sandwiches at the Mahogany's Smoked Meats! They're pretty good and the line is always short.