Thursday, December 9, 2010

LA Creamery

At the Topanga Canyon Mall, I couldn't stop starting at this cute ice cream place.

Actually, at first, I thought it was gelato. "The Ukrainian" and I walked right past, but then we made a U-turn. I'm glad we did.

Meet LA Creamery!

Above: They serve Intelligentsia coffee! Yes, I WILL "keep calm and have an ice cream"... after my dairy pills, of course!

Above: I snuck in this shot and realized I got a guy's abs in there...

Above: With our order, we were comp-ed this sticky bun. It looks larger than it actually was. Boy, was it delicious! It wasn't too sticky or sweet at all, and the inside was not too dry or dense like I normally find them.

Above: The main attraction: the ice cream. We got pumpkin and sea salt caramel. Yes, that's right. The sea salt ice cream was really something special (though tasted like their vanilla butter flavor!). As for the pumpkin flavor, you could find tiny bits of pumpkin in it.

Although we ordered only one scoop of each, I believe they gave us two of each... as this was a large amount. I've been getting lots of free dessert lately...

This visit was totally worth my dairy pills!

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