Tuesday, December 21, 2010

High School Musing-cal

Attention, everyone! Here's a picture of my nerdy high-school self with my Track & Field coach. He was my second coach, after my first coach decided to focus on his football coaching. My first coach will ALWAYS be my coach, even if he's been gone for two years now, and once I find an acceptible pic of him with me, I will post it up here!

Like the swirl effect I used to anonymize my high school's name printed on my jersey??

Here's a brief summary of my high school Track & Field career:

- joined because I ultimately wanted to try out for the basketball team

- made friends (including my high school bestie, E) and decided I was too short for basketball, anyway

- ran 2 seasons; my team won the league twice during that time

- have competed in: high jump, 100/400m relays, 100/200/400m individual, 100m hurdles

- my bad hurdling debut resulted in the temporary nickname, Tumblina

- however, I've tried ALL events except pole vaulting

- best event was the 200m but was 7th in my league for the 400m

- have a Varsity letter to show for it (though the jacket was unaffordable at the time, so I just have the patch still!)

- got yelled at A LOT by my parents who had to pick me up at weird times and worried about my performance in class

- was the reason I quit drinking soda

- credited the boot-camp-esque middle school PE teacher, Mr. Yamada, for inspiring me to get the guts to go for it

- is a major reason I am still running today


  1. What cool stuff to look back on. I regret not joining the track team in hs now. I think I would have come to love running alot sooner if I had.

  2. You trying out for hurdles sounds really familiar. I'm glad you at least had fun with it all.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much high school sports can influence us? Sounds like you had a great experience.

  4. I *didn't* run for years becuase I played basketball in High School. Running was our punishment. Yecchh!