Friday, December 17, 2010

Dumpling House

On a cold Saturday evening, "The Ukrainain" and I finally went to Dumpling House after long-existing intentions of doing so.

If I could rank my favorite foods of all-time, dumplings would be somewhere within the top five.

Above: Upon walking in, free tea and this celery/tofu mixture are given while the dumplings are cooking. Since the dumplings are homemade, this process can draw out a little depending of the traffic in the (small) place.

Above: "The Ukrainian" ordered three kinds of dumplings. Most had pork in them. This was one variant.

Above: The second variant.

Above: The third variant. Due to the thick skin on these fried ones, they can get filling!!!

Above: My only veggie option was these tofu/mushroom ones. I wish I had done a better job showing you the fillings, but these were indeed delicious with a skin of correct firmness.

The prices are not that bad... Each dish comes in around $6, but you get ample dumplings for the amount. (The veggie one above had 10... I couldn't finish this alone.) Compare this to boba joints where they sell you about 6-8 for the same price and no homemade quality, and you'll be sure this is the better deal.

At some point, I will try making my own dumplings. ;) My other favorite foods (lasagna and pizza) have already been victims of my "renditions."

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  1. Mmm, my only experiences with dumplings have been of the cracker barrel chicken variety...but I haven't had them since going vegetarian! I think I'd have died for these...may have to tackle homemade vegetarian dumplings sometime soon!