Monday, January 3, 2011

Almond Bars

Inspired by some almond bars I ate recently, I was on a quest to find a recipe for an almond bar. Well, I wasn't having much luck on Google, so I settled for ANY kind of almond bar I could find.

I finally found one at

This was my last baking endeavor of 2010, poorly documented because I had a breakup to tend to (not mine!) and a puppy to take out to potty.

Above: I actually rounded up everything before I started... for once! Ignore the oil, pepper, and salt in the background... those are definitely NOT a part of this recipe! By the way, the "pork fu" container actually contains sugar.

Above: I wish I had taken a picture of the bars before cutting them (it came out beautifully clean), but this will have to do. I put them in clear treat bags with curled ribbon for "The Ukrainian"'s family.

Above: This was my camera's best attempt at getting a shot of the texture. I was a bit stunned at how pale these almond bars are, but they are dense yet light with a lot of almond flavors. I added sliced almonds to the bottom of the pan (where the now-top of the bar sat) before baking.

This was my last bake of 2010... I'm sure this year will contain a lot of more baking fun!


  1. I can tell that the puppy potty duty is getting to you. Your first paragraph contains some typos.

    Oh, so that was what that was...the little almond bar square you used to photograph and that I found all by itself on a baking dish. I was wondering what it was. They were yummy. I like the texture (like a blondie), not a big almond flavor fan though. Tasted like almond jello. Thanks for baking, it was the only dessert at the party, I ate my share! :D

  2. D'oh! Typos fixed. You didn't comment on how I actually had a good texture shot in there...

  3. You are right, that was a good texture shot!

  4. Those looks really good! I love almond flavored things :)

  5. Almonds are my favorite nut, so I bet I would LOVE these.