Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An Untold Story: Toof-less without Wisdom

On March 4, 2007, I ran my first marathon.

And then I didn't blog again for another month. [If you don't believe me, check out the Archives on the right-hand side of this blog.]

Granted, that had been a busy marathon weekend. I had taken a half-day off from work that Friday before so that I could go to the dentist and then go to my grad school interview.

Above: This wasn't from the day of the interview... I wore something a lot nicer, but this was for illustrative purposes...

The interview was probably the most tortorous I've ever had, and I've done many of interviews. It was probably about 1.5 hours, and I was asked about everything from statistical regression to these "what do you think organizations should do about..." questions. She was so scrutinizing because I had edited my application from MA to PhD status.

At the conclusion, she said some things that I can't remember except, "I'm going to recommend you..." That's all I needed to hear. I walked out feeling queasy and sweaty and proceeded to call the BFF.


But the real drama came a month later. Remember the dentist visit? I was getting my wisdom teeth axed (I think I've only mentioned it one other time in this blog HERE). All four of them, all impacted (requiring some "digging" to get to them). Fortunately, I paid extra $$ to get put-under, because I think they had to do some serious crud to my jaw.

I was mostly fine when the drowsiness wore off. My dad and sister got me soft stuff to eat (jello, yogurt, sherbert), though my mom incessantly nagged wondering when I could eat rice again. (Let's just say that I avoided it for as long as possible!) I didn't need pain meds because the first ones I took for preventative measures made me sick. I was up and about and even went on the shopping trip for soft food (and more gauze). I also recall my now-brother-in-law coming over calling me "toof-less."

The next day, I looked like this:

Above: Even my nephew couldn't hide those swollen cheeks -- I already have big cheeks to begin with, but still!

Yep, I looked obscenely horrible, but I still was able to slurp some noodles and stuff that night.

The Running Link:

Due to my fear of getting a dry socket, I did not go to the gym for nearly a week. This was TORTURE. But coincidentally, I caught a cough or something, so when I did return, I took it easy and took my first FitMoves class (oh, how I miss FitMoves now!) And also by that time, I was pretty much eating everything again!

(And then I donated blood about 2 weeks later, not too long before this pic was taken below.)

Above: 15 days later, that cake = no sweat!

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