Sunday, November 28, 2010


A few months ago, I had my first meal at the all-too-popular restaurant, Sizzler.

I didn't grow up eating out, so it took me a while to hit up the all-American favorites such as Denny's or even Olive Garden. I generally go to the more "up" Souplantation.

So yes, Sizzler excited me, in spite of generally hearing it as the butt of a lot of jokes. Not sure why, though:

Above: We both got an "endless salad bar" for $9.99. My plate is on the left/bottom. A waiter served this not-so-good garlic/cheese bread.

Above: Dessert... Nilla wafers from the chocolate pudding (I think I like chocolate pudding), and fruit.

Above: Sizzler's telling us that this stuff is good for us. Yippee!

Above: "The Ukrainian"'s clam chowder.


  1. Man I have not been there in forever! I did not know they still existed. I am in South Carolina and I have not seen any since I lived in Arizona :)

  2. Ha! I haven't been to the Sizzler since I was a kid (and I think I only went once or twice even then) - glad to hear you enjoyed :)

  3. I went there once when I was in High School. I spent 3 hours there. Not sure why I wasn't at the Souplantation instead!

  4. I don't think we have Sizzlers around here anymore!

  5. But there's no way that the Sizzler salad bar can even come close to Souplantation!