Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sights of San Antonio

San Antonio really surprised me. Coming from Southern California, I am used to landmarks and excitement. So when I saw the course previews of the San Antonio Rock n Roll Marathon looking like some of the less glamorous parts of Los Angeles, I wasn't very hopeful.

But San Antonio is a very historical and fun city. And in spite of its 2.2-ish million residents, it has a very small-town feel. This is definitely the most pictures I've ever had in one entry, so I condensed them a little.

To see the pictures up-close, right-click them in "Open in New Window/Tab".

If you're ever considering coming here... here's a primer for some of the sights!

Starting off the sites is our hotel... As I mentioned in my race post, it used to be a bank. It definitely had that appearance.

Here's the view from the top of the hotel.

The interiors were pretty sweet! Here's some views from the rooms. The beds were SOOOO comfortable that I slept A TON while I was away, while "The Ukrainian" (and I when I wasn't dead sleepy) watched English soccer and football (thank you, ESPN!).

Next up: The Alamodome, where the Spurs (NBA) play. Since we stayed in Downtown, we walked everywhere, though this was probably one of the further walks away.

The Downtown view.

Above: The interior of the hotel. See... bank-ish! Speaking of banks, one thing I really loved about San Antonio was the dominance of Chase banks!

Above: (left) San Fernando Cathedral. I believe it's one of the oldest in the country. (right) O Henry -- a famous American writer -- house.

Above: We went to Market Square on Saturday. It was full of Mexican culture, crafts, and food.

Above: The right picture is a toothpick holder.

Above: We bought snacks here. I will talk about it in the "Food" entry. This place was SO beautiful. I wish I had actually dined here just so I can look at the beautiful ceilings in the dim light.

Above: More sights from around town. There is actually some theater life in this city. And on the very right is the Convention Center, which is HUGE.

Above: Places that reminded me of home.

Above: We did not go to the Children's Museum, but we DID go to this Buckhorn Texas Ranger one. A basic summary of this museum is what you see on the very right. I've never seen so many animal heads in one place...

Above: For example, check out this deer portrait. Is this corn... or rattlesnake rattles?? Assume the worst.

Above: An Australian Dingo. It was SO cute!

Above: (left) Two-headed sheep. (center) Bear encounter. (right) One of the many scene creations... this one is of General Robert E. Lee.

Above: Some old-fashioned fun. Yes, we paid a quarter just to confirm what I already knew. I also got to play bartender!

Above: We took a ride on a boat of the famous River Walk. It was a half hour of boating around. It was such a beautiful day.

Above: After the marathon, we finally got to The Alamo, and also some other surrounding sites.

Above: I took advantage and ran... there's no better recovery!

Above: More sites. (center) I took this picture of a store in the mall for Tea Time. (right) Tower of the Americas. We were told it is the third tallest tower in the world and second in the US.

Above: Speaking of The Tower of Americas, we ate there! This is Chart House, a higher-end dining experience that we had in San Antonio. I will talk more about this place in the "Food" entry, but the views were amazing! Best of all, I did not get sick in this rotating restaurant, which made one rotation per hour.

Above: To end, here are two indoor sights I had: weird water that looks like the Arrowhead that we have in California. And this hotel gym that did NOT get any use during our time there.


  1. It does look like a pretty city. Its always nice when you are pleasantly surprised by a place, huh? Glad you had fun!

  2. Haha to the Primarily Purple store! Can't wait to see the food post. I am more food centric than sight centric. Hehe!