Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Foods of San Antonio

It's finally time for the highly-anticipated San Antonio FOOD post.

Before we get to the good stuff, I thought I'd show what we ate in Las Vegas between our flights.

If you are not from the area, you might be wondering what they eat in Texas, or at least the tourist-y parts of Texas. So did I. One thing I did assume, though, is that we HAD to go have barbecue and eat on the famous Riverwalk.

Although I had said I would eat fish again, I still imagined that I'd be very low on options. However, I was pleasantly surprised that there were decent vegetarian options at every restaurant we visited. I committed fish-sins twice, but I didn't have to. I just didn't want to be eating things I "could get at home" while over there.

Above: The place of our post-landing meal.

Above: Here's my order... a "Texas Iced Tea" (waaaay too strong) and a fried catfish/fries combo. This was fish-sin #1. It wasn't amazing, and I guess I could have ordered the Boca burger they had..... but I'd feel so lame...

Above: "The Ukrainian"'s order... The bread roll was AMAZINGLY buttery! The barbecue sauce (that we got an additional side of) was everything I'd expect from Texas... very deep flavors. And for dessert, we got a peach cobbler in a skillet. We actually got the dessert for free, presumptuously because our server liked me for my touristy naivete.

Above: I mentioned in my "Sights" entry, we went to Market Square and got some Mexican pastry snacks! We got three different empanadas (sweet potato is pictured) and this:

Above: Caramel-filled churro. I was amazed to see such a rarity!

Above: Zuni Grill at the Riverwalk is where we had our carbo-load dinner. We had just come out of an Irish pub with a singing guy (SO much fun!) and weren't too hungry. It's hard to see, but I had a portebello fajita dish (center). "The Ukrainian" ordered a smoked salmon, caper, goat cheese pizza (right). This pizza was my favorite eat the whole time I was there. I had a small piece... which is fish-sin #2.

Above: Post-marathon, we went to The County Line on the Riverwalk. They served HOMEMADE bread. We got the wheat with honey butter. It was comforting and heavenly! I ate two. Pictured also is a side-salad.

Above: "The Ukrainian"'s meat sampler and my large baked potato.

Above: The aftermath. I didn't do so well...

Above: Also, as mentioned in my "Sights" entry, we ate at a revolving restaurant at The Tower of the Americas. We ate fine for not too much (very safely under $100 w/tax+tip included -- did I mention the lower taxes in Texas????). We ordered two drinks: pomegranite mojito and pineapple drink. I asked for mine to be weak. Also pictured is my salad entree (so choppy!) and lava cake dessert. We only had two real desserts in San Antonio. Amazing for me!!

P.S. The Tower's elevator ride = outta this world.

Above: I also ordered a side of gazpacho. "The Ukrainian" got a very-fishy smelling but good planked salmon.

Now, let's talk about the hotel. We stayed at the Drury Plaza Hotel @ the Riverwalk, and they fed us free breakfasts and "kickbacks" (light dinners). On race day, they even started a cold breakfast bar for the runners very early!

Here's the progression of breakfasts (Saturday's on the left, Monday at center, Tuesday on the right). Note the dwindling content.

Our "kickbacks." We got free alcoholic drinks. I had nearly three in a day. A record.

And finally, this is our pit-stop before flying home. "The Ukrainian" is calculating all the costs of our trip. Strangely, not too expensive at all. (Our hotel was really cheap, and we didn't have to eat out that often.)

At the gym when I got back, I learned that in spite of all the food, I did not come back heavier. Amazing!!


  1. I am having such cravings now!!! The food looks amazing!

  2. You describe things really well. Especially the taste of food. :) All looks heavenly. Stuff I only see on the Food Network. I can't believe how much he ate! That before and after pic of the meat sampler was madness. That's a lot of meat!

  3. It's 10AM. I haven't had breaskfast yet. My stomach is grumbling....

    It all looks (and sounds) so delicious!