Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Banana-Date Scones

On my long "to bake" list was this banana-date scone recipe from Veganomicon. It all started when I opened "The Ukrainian"'s refrigerator to find that a bunch of bananas he bought less than a week ago still somewhat green were now mushed up/black.

I diced some of them and froze the parts that were salvage-able (for later use in smoothies and popcicles) and used the rest as the base of this recipe.

Above: Chopped up medjool dates (from Sprouts) and mashed-up banana. Yes, looks AND sounds appealing, eh? (Ignore booze in the background...) I had to grind my own flax seeds, sub soy milk for rice milk, and maple syrup for brown rice syrup.

Above: While I was in such a hurry that I didn't get any more "process" pics (it got quite sticky and messy!), I did get this fresh-outta-the-oven shot!

Above: I put them on a plate to cool.

Above: "The Ukrainian" made me take this picture, which is why I look very sheepish here.

Above: A texture shot. It's more cake-y than scone-y, but then again, I really think many scones don't have much flavor, while this one had a nice banana and sweet aroma. I would love to try making other variations of this recipe (cranberry-orange will probably be my next attempt, much to my chagrin).


  1. happy thanksgiving, Jules!! (I'm saying it now because I'm going to be very very busy the rest of the week.)

  2. Whew! I was thinking banana date kahlua scones? Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!